Trailer Repairs

Get your trailer or camper trailer repaired by the people that design & manufacture trailers every single day.

Trailer Service

When was the last time you had your trailer or camper trailer checked & serviced?

Trailers are often forgotten about when it comes to being serviced. Just like a car though, they have a lot of moving parts that can wear out with use and over time become dangerous if not checked and replaced if needed. Depending on the amount of use, a trailer should be checked & serviced every 6 to 12 months. Whilst a trailer service isn’t as comprehensive as a car service, it is still something that should be taken seriously and performed at a regular interval. Contact us to book in for a trailer service & safety check.

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We offer a full range of trailer service options depending on the age of your trailer and the type of use that it gets. Generally, a service will include checking brakes, bearings, suspension, coupling, wheels, lights, wiring, plugs, welds and the chassis. This is a full safety check to ensure that your trailer is safe and isn’t at risk of causing you or others an accident when you’re towing.

Trailer Modifications

Get your trailer or camper trailer repaired by the people that design & manufacture trailers every single day.


Box trailers, caged trailers, car trailers, enclosed trailers, motorbike trailers plus more…

When you need something extra from your trailer, talk to us about doing some modifications. In most cases, this will be cheaper than having to buy a whole new trailer. We can extend drawbars, add toolboxes, add jerry can holder, add cages, extend sides, replace doors or ramps with different kinds, add compartment or custom design a modification to suit your particular needs. If you’re thinking about doing some modifications on your trailer, have a chat to us and we’ll help you work out what your options are and give you a quote based on the work that would be needed.


Add extras to any type of camper trailer regardless of its make and model…

Camper trailers make it easy to get away for a weekend or go on an extended holiday with friends or family. Over time though, your needs and requirements change and you’ll get to a stage where you want more out of your camper trailer. That doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new camper. There are a lot of modifications that you can do such as adding water tanks, adding a kitchen, adding toolboxes or compartments for fuel and gas. You can even replace the canvas tent that sits on top of your camper trailer. Talk to us about all of the options possible.